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My name is Nick Lawrence,
I'm a UI/UX and product designer.

Here to help you create products and experiences that wow your customers.

From user interviews to digital ethnography, and observational analysis. Getting to the bottom of the tough questions that create real value for your users, all while minimizing bias through quality research procedures.

Driving conversion, engagement, and retention for your products thorough application of user experience principles, paradigms, and best practices.

From sketches to full specifications. High-impact interfaces that are performant, elegant, and designed with industry-standard interaction patterns to ensure usability.

Smoke testing your idea for product-market fit, all the way to launch and maintenance. Helping you create products that are engaging, impactful, and deliver clear, measurable value for your customers.

Your product doesn’t stop at handoff, and neither do I. Instead of throwing design specs “over the wall” to developers, I work with your devs to ensure that your design vision is executed accordingly.

Over 12 years
of experience

With over 12 years of professional experience in the design industry, I’m here to help you take your next great idea from concept to marketplace, and every step in between.

design skill set

Highly-developed skill set including UX research, UX design, UI design, product design, testing/validation, and implementation assistance, you get everything you need
in one place.


With best-in-class service, blazing-fast turnaround times, and an incredibly wide knowledge base, dollar-for-dollar you’d be hard-pressed find a better value anywhere else.

One of the biggest issues that we currently face in document verification is that outside of public and private key exchange, you have no way of truly knowing if the signature is a forgery.

Instead of trying to tighten down security to the point of infeasibility, the aim of BioSign is to make digital signatures so difficult to forge that it can’t be regularly done.

In the last two decades, affordable housing in has become less and less accessible to those who need it the most.

The purpose of Hearth® is to ease these barriers to market entry by allowing multiple people and families to co-buy, and co-own, a single property for residential use.

Half the battle with modern dentistry is that its perceived obscurity, combined with expense, and the possibility of numbing agent resistance, while rare, are large contributors to poor appointment attendance, and bad overall patient outcomes.

Diente is dental service tracking and communication application designed to help patients connect with practitioners, schedule appointments, and get necessary treatments more effectively.

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Frequently asked questions

Broad-spectrum design skills, and a good deal of experience.

Most designers are hyper-specialists in their areas of expertise and focus only on their specific deliverables.

While this can be helpful in certain situations, for most organizations it can actually jeopardize your product’s quality if team-level communication is not absolutely crystal-clear, and in the fray of the creative process, it rarely is.

In contrast, I offer a well-rounded, integrated skillet geared for creative teams that I’ve honed over the last twelve years, combined with a rigorous system of design standards to help ensure quality at every stage of the process.

You deserve a designer who can help you address your project holistically, and my goal is to ensure that you get the results you’re looking for every time.

Over twelve years professionally.

Commercially, since I was 18. Unprofessionally, since Flash was owned by Macromedia, and sites were still designed in PhotoShop.

Long story short, I’ve had the privilege of seeing quite a few things over the course of my career, and am fully capable of helping you achieve your creative vision.

$65 to $125 per hour depending on scope and complexity.

I know you’re looking for a straight answer to see if I would be a good fit. The short answer here is usually somewhere between $65 to $125 per hour depending upon the complexity of the project, and scope of the role.

Absolutely. Print, web, branding, service, and customer experience design to name just a few.

On top of UI/UX and product design, I also offer:

  • Print design
  • Web design
  • Brand and identity design
  • Service design
  • Customer experience design
  • AR/VR & XR design

Additionally, I offer implementation assistance for component specification in HTML, CSS, and light JavaScript to help developers implement your designs more effectively.

No, but I do help developers with implementation of both the user interface and interaction patterns.

While I do know how to code with HTML, CSS, basic JavaScript, and do offer implementation assistance, I am not a developer nor is development my forte.

For front-end development, I highly recommended that your dev team includes a dedicated front-end developer to ensure the stability and scalability of your product.

Epsilon design standards, starting from wherever your project is at.
See link below for more.

I actually have a full list of design standards that I prefer to adhere to in most situations.

These standards are open-source, free of charge, and you can view them here.

You deserve a designer that cares about your outcomes.

If you’re ready to take your next great idea from concept to marketplace, I’d love to help. Drop me a line, let me know what you’re looking for, and we’ll get the ball rolling.